Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is a computer with internet connectivity and a headset with microphone.

No. You are good to go if you know how to use a computer and headset with microphone. Our technical support team will assist you if you have any questions, or if you face technical issues during the class.

Yes, we follow the same curriculum followed at the students’ school and support as per the needs of each of our students

No. You do not need to install any software.

Yes. Our tutors are available to help you as per your convenience.

You can schedule sessions with a 24-hour notice. Our tutors are available to help you as per your convenience.

It’s up to your convenience and schedule. We commit to supporting you within the demands of your academic schedule.

We schedule classes for you, as per your convenience. All that you need to do is to let us know your convenient date and time.

Absolutely! As long as you can access the internet, you can attend the class from anywhere!

Yes. We use a secure website and all our employees sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure that your personal information remains confidential.

You can make the payments online using your credit/ debit card. We use PayPal as our payment gateway, and hence all your personal information will be secure.

Feel Enroll Now to cancel and reschedule any session with a 24-hour notice.

Of course! This is one of the advantages of enrolling with us. Working one-on-one with a tutor assures you undivided attention. This personalized attention will help you learn concepts at your own pace and convenience. We believe that every student is unique and important.

We value and appreciate your time. Sessions are effectively planned for the best use of your time. We also have the system in place to monitor and review the classes for effectiveness.

Yes. We believe that learning is a process and is not time-bound. Effective coaching occurs only when the tutors, however, qualified and experienced, understand the learning needs of their students. Our goal is to understand your individual needs and provide the required support.

Our effort will focus on harnessing your full potential because learning is a continuous process that leads to greater self-discovery. We have a special program for the gifted and  Enroll Now slots with bonus rounds.

Besides helping you with regular academics, your tutor will also assist you with your homework.

If you want to discuss questions from a worksheet, try to answer the questions that you want to review with your tutor before the class itself, and upload your work to the whiteboard..This preparation will help to make the class more effective for you.

Typically, each session lasts an hour.

Please report immediately to our customer care executive. Our customer care team will look into it and resolve the issue for you. If you want a different tutor, we will schedule your next session with a different tutor.

Our customer care executives are available 24/7.

You can measure your progress from the results of the initial assessment test and ongoing achievement tests. We share detailed report card with feedback on quantitative as well as qualitative aspects relating to the child. We also have parental conferences in place.

Yes. You will receive regular constructive feedback.

We want you to enjoy learning. Besides creating such an atmosphere during your sessions, we also blend in ‘fun facts’, ‘puzzles’, etc. along with serious subjects.

Yes, we have an attractive Referral Bonus program for you!

You can log into our web-application and check details relating to the upcoming classes.

You will get e-mail notification regarding the classes scheduled.

Our technical support team will be available to help you out in any such situation.

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