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Tutorwaves has been helping students fill any gap in learning at school or university, through live online tutoring, since 2014. Students get personalized support from expert and experienced teachers. We focus on enhancing knowledge and skills through  Teaching-learning, Practice, and Testing.  
Tutorwaves believes in an approach that results in effective learning with a visible, favorable outcome for its students. It facilitates assisted learning, utilizing the endless possibilities of modern technology. 
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If you have a strong passion for teaching with a Master’s degree in hand; if you have a flair for researching; if you have a spirit of motivating, inspiring and engaging others; if you have a special skill in dealing with students; if you want to share your knowledge; if you want to earn extra income from the comfort of your home, you will love being an online tutor with Tutorwaves.
You can support students of all ages from K-12 to college and even adult learners to gain a greater understanding of your favorite subject while keeping your skills sharp and updated. Join hundreds of our tutors already on board and enjoy tutoring with Tutorwaves.
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are heading fast towards a world of mobile supercomputers, intelligent robots, driver-less cars, Neuro-technological brain enhancements, genome editing…..and many more. Signals of these changes are found all around us and it is happening at exponential speed. We are at the threshold of a revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and […]

The Socratic Method

Have you ever been to a lecture-style class where you listened to the information provided by the teacher but found it difficult to learn it? Perhaps there were too many facts to absorb or you were simply bored by it and not motivated to learn. What if instead you were in a class where you […]


Student Voice I

Do teachers really know what students go through while they are in the classroom? To find out, one teacher spends two days as a student and is shocked at what she learns. The Washington Post published an article on Alexis Wiggins, an American teacher, educator and the author of “The Best Class You Never Taught,” […]

Stay Apart to Stay Connected

Pray to the Almighty that all of you remain in good health. The World Health Organization has declared that the COVID-19 is affecting countries all over the world as a Pandemic. In the past weeks many, including us, have been watching the Coronavirus spreading across the globe with indifference and a belief that it won’t […]

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