What is TOEFL?

Test of English as a Foreign Language is one of the English-language tests, recognized by more than 9,000 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries, including Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the United States.

What is Tested?

This test assesses the English skills you will actually use in an academic classroom. In the test, you may read a passage from a textbook and listen to a lecture and then speak or write in response, just like you would in a classroom. The test is composed only of academic questions and tasks. So many universities consider it the most appropriate test.The average English skill level being tested ranges between Intermediate and Advanced.

Who takes the test?

  • Students planning to study at a higher education institution
  • Those who seek English-language learning program admissions
  • Scholarship and certification candidates
  • English-language learners who want to track their progress
  • Students and workers applying for visa of a country which specifically asks for TOEFL score.

What are the two versions?

1. TOEFL iBT (Internet Based Test)
This measures your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. It is offered more than 50 times a year and is administered online at testing sites around the world.

2. TOEFL PBT Paper Based Test)
This version measures reading, listening, grammar and writing skills and is currently offered only in locations where testing via the internet is not available.

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