Tutorwaves is an online tutoring platform built around strong values by a group of elite academics and educationists. The quality of the e-learning experience that we provide is directly derived from the quality of tutors, the highly structured and organized processes, and the latest and most relevant technology. These converge into creating an informative and interactive online learning solution that makes learning an enjoyable experience for our students.

Our tutors are handpicked​ through a rigorous selection process. This is because we strongly believe that the quality of teachers has a profound effect on the learning outcome for the students.​ Our students get an opportunity to learn with tutors who are experts in their subject, who come down to the level of the student, act as a guide, a coach and a facilitator of learning. They are trained to make the classes discussion sessions that should help the students stretch their imagination and bring their creativity out. Because each student is unique in terms of potential and level of learning, one size fits all does not work at all, to help them reach their potential. The program is designed in such a way that the student learns in a class that is interesting for him.
  • Our Mission

    Provide high quality learning experience at affordable cost to students across geographies.

  • Our Vision

    Make every learning experience engaging and rewarding.

Our Values

  • Your satisfaction is our priority. We are accountable for helping you achieve your goals. We are always accountable to our customers.
  • Students will learn accountability and personal responsibility, enabling them to become responsible adults and citizens. We help our students to be accountable in their efforts toward success.
  • We believe that all children have the potential to learn, grow and develop. We hold high expectation for each one of them.
  • We set high, but realistic expectations about what our students can and should achieve.
  • We focus on helping you meet these expectations.
  • Your progress and achievements motivate us. We strongly focus on all aspects of learning and achievements of our students.
  • Your goals, ambitions, and dreams are ours too. We believe in your potential and celebrate your goals! We focus on desirable and positive academic outcome that testify your potential and our effort.
  • Inspiring and encouraging you to achieve your goals is as important to us as it is to you! We inspire and encourage you to pursue your goals.
  • Your actions should now be focused on your goals. We help you in your efforts toward continued success.
  • Being happy and comfortable is important to your learning process. We strive to provide a relaxed, yet intellectually-stimulating environment. We also realize that you learn well and far more efficiently when you are happy and comfortable.
  • Each student receives our individual attention. We deeply care about the development of each student.
  • You are guided and coached to success! We guide and support you on your way to success.
  • Understanding and caring about you helps us work with you better.We believe how much we care is as important, if not more, to our students as how much we know and deliver.