Going back to our school days, we all had that teacher who speaks in a monotonous voice and reads aloud from the textbook. Now, the opportunity has come to all of us to not be that teacher. Have you ever come across moments, recognising that flash of interest in the eyes of your students, even at the last minutes of the class because the energy is so high and no one wants the session to end. How can we extend these moments? How can we have more fun?

When we use activities that make learning engaging and fun, our students are more willing to participate and take risks. Having fun during learning helps students to retain information better because the process will make the sessions interesting and memorable. Hands-on activities will help them to have a fun way to learn. You can play games, have fun and laugh out loud with your students. All these activities, taken in appropriate measure, will be good for them and even better for you too.

Incorporating technology into lessons is a great way to make learning fun. Children  are fond of electronics, so try incorporating it into your overall teaching strategy. Instead of simply lecturing, use all the possibilities the whiteboard offers. Use technology in a variety of ways, and you will see the interest level in your classroom increases by leaps and bounds.

Learning will be the most fun for your students when you keep them in suspense. Try to incorporate a sense of surprise, suspense and mystery into your lessons. Before starting a new lesson, give students a clue to make them do some sort of thinking. This is a fun way to make your lesson mysterious, and you will find that your students are actually looking forward to finding out what they will be learning about next.

Creating a real-life connection to what your students are learning will give them a better understanding of why they need to learn that. If they ask you why they need to learn about money, give them a realistic answer like, “You learn about money now and in future, in your real life, you will need to know how to buy food and pay your bills.” By doing this, you are helping them make a connection between what they are learning in class and how they will use this information in the future.

Making learning fun and engaging can be difficult, but it is definitely rewarding when you pull it off. When lessons are interactive and related to real life, students are more likely to follow along and retain what they learn. As students are more engaged and have fun with lessons, you also enjoy classes even more because of the positive impact that your material brings to your students. It is a win-win for everyone!
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