Why Tutorwaves?

Why Tutowaves?

One-on-one classes following your own curriculum with a tailor made plan. Option to learn at your own pace and difficulty level.

Availability of highly qualified tutors with a Master’s degree or above with proven teaching expertise, at your child’s disposal

Expert team of education managers to ensure the high quality of the classes, on an ongoing basis

Follows the student’s own curriculum

100% attention of an expert tutor, on your child

Flexibility in scheduling the classes

6-7 years cute child learning mathematics from computer.

Highly customized classes – at the right pace and level of difficulty for the student

Relentless focus on “learning by the student” rather than “teaching by the tutor”

Easy to use, simple but robust technology

Regular home work, achivement tests, report cards and parental conferences

Single source for children and adults, for an array of subjects and courses

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