Teacher, a Good Communicator!

Alice has been teaching for the last five years. She has an excellent academic record. Her in-depth knowledge of the subject is outstanding. With all these positive attributes her students say that the classes are not at all effective and they are not benefiting them much.
Excellent academic records and outstanding subject knowledge will not make one an effective teacher. Teaching is a noble profession where we need a blend of knowledge and communication skills. They are as important as in-depth knowledge in the subject of teaching. Communication skills help the tutor to transfer information effectively and successfully to the students. Thus, a teacher with good communication skills can enhance the learning process and provide the students with an all-encompassing learning experience.
Teachers communicate in the classroom to perform different tasks that enhance true learning. The most important of them is a positive motivation. Students will have different kinds of taste and preferences. Dislike of a particular subject may end up losing interest in the subject and scoring poor grades. They should be updated with some reasons to learn a particular topic or subject that will help them in their daily life. So it is the teachers’ duty to create an enthusiasm and interest in the minds of the students towards a particular subject. Communication skills need to be exercised to remove any fear or inhibition towards a particular subject.
Another task to be accomplished through proper communication is goal setting. Each session should have a pre-set end result. Teachers pass on to the students an idea of what they expect them to learn and provide a direction to the learning activity that takes them to achieve the pre-set goal.
The sense of humor is the third powerful communication skill that a teacher must possess. This keeps the students active and interested. Humour will not necessarily cause learning, but it creates conditions conducive to learning. After each session, both the teacher and the student should say: “I really enjoyed the class today.”
Another mode of communication is regular feedback that helps the students to recognize if they are on the right track or how near to the final goal. This can also be used to redirect students toward the learning goal if they have gone off-track.
Communication is a social tool too. Successful teachers engage in a general talk on non-curricular topics. Such pep talk before a session helps to make the students more relaxed and receptive.
Effective teachers are skilled in more than one area of communication. The role of the teacher as a communicator is vital to the success of the class and the teacher as well.

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