Online Tutoring – The Way Forward in Education

Teaching methods and modes of delivery have undergone a brisk change over the last several decades. Ever since the invention of writing, the significance of learning became manifest, and during the middle ages, methods such as the use of textbooks came to the fore. Classroom management skills were considered vital as we entered the 19th century while the 20th century was an era of observation, experimentation, and examination. With technological advancement, television and radio too became mediums of education, and novel methods are being adopted in the 21st century supported by the ever-expanding reach of the internet and information technology solutions.
Conventional classroom teaching has its benefits – it facilitates mutual learning and students become skilled at socializing with others. Organizational skills, teamwork, and punctuality are some of the other benefits of this method.
However, the spotlight in today’s world is rapidly shifting towards virtual classrooms and online tutoring. As the word suggests, technology is a pivotal tool in this kind of arrangement, even though the focus continues to be on instructor-assisted learning. The global online tutoring market is expected to surpass a whopping USD 125 billion by 2018.
Today, the spread of education has created a pool of talented tutors who are well educated and trained experts in their subjects. This has been one of the biggest attractions of e-learning programs offered by many of the online tutoring companies.
‘Anytime, anywhere’ is the new mantra; no more is education confined to the four walls of a classroom. Students can decide when, what, and where, and how to increment or supplement their educational needs. Your home, a park, or a library can turn into your virtual classroom and students can acquire the knowledge they desire in order to fulfill their aspirations and dreams. Such a method of learning also makes students more tech savvy and helps them understand the nuances of the latest technologies and advancements.
The cost of online tutoring is only a fraction of the cost of education through traditional methods. Affordability of education, which is a big problem across the world, is addressed through virtual learning. The reasonable price combined with 24*7 availability of tutors makes online tutoring an attractive proposition all over the world. Parents have the opportunity of giving their children the best education within their means. Without a question, this is a win-win situation for the parent, child, and the online tutor.
Some studies show that online tutoring perks up the grades of students. Students can study the subject exhaustively together with the luxury of unlimited replays and reviews of online sessions to prepare for assessments. A study by one of the tutoring companies has revealed that 90% of its students improved their grades appreciably as a result of switching to online tutoring!
Last, but not least, online tutoring is an approach to becoming a global citizen. One gets to interact with people from different countries across the world, creating the atmosphere of a global university. Cultural understanding is enriched as students’ network with each other on a regular basis. There is a positive perception which fuels their interest in learning, introduces them to better prospects, and creates a solid foundation for university education and their career thereafter.
As we have seen, the paybacks of online tutoring are immense. This is a windfall because it helps one to stay ahead in today’s competitive world. It is no surprise that parents in North America and Europe have started realizing the importance of providing world class supplemental education to their children. They do not want their children to lag behind their Asian counterparts. The benefit that students get from this approach is a pinnacle of academic achievement, a perch that everybody wants to enjoy all the time.
Join this revolutionary path and ride the wave to success!

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