How Do You Get To Columbia University?

“A young stranger in New York was seeking Columbia University, but the many directions he had received only confused him, and he became lost. Luckily, he saw a scholarly old gentleman approaching with a load of books under his arm. He stopped the professional man. ‘Tell me, sir, how do you get to Columbia University?’ The old man deliberated the question for a moment or two and then replied, ‘Study, young man. Constant study!’” – ‘The Jewish Phenomenon’ by Steven Silbiger Don’t dismiss this as a silly, humorous episode. The scholarly old man approaching with a load of books under his arm stands for the ideal teacher who symbolizes the truth that age is not a barrier to education and learning never ends. According to Gerhard Fischer, director of the Centre for Lifelong Learning and Design at the University of Colorado, “lifelong learning is an essential challenge for inventing the future of our societies; it is a necessity rather than a luxury to be considered … It is a mindset and a habit for people to acquire.” Teachers who adopt a lifelong learning mindset have access to multiple sources of information and can successfully pass it on to their students.

Ongoing professional development programs keep teachers up-to-date on how children learn, the latest technology which can be used in the classroom, new curriculum resources, and many things more. The best professional development is lifelong, ongoing, experiential, and derived from working with students and understanding their culture. Good teachers become great teachers when they go beyond their duty and beyond the textbook. In order to achieve this status, you must continue with your studies, researches and learning. Take care not to miss conferences, workshops, and continuing education that gives you the extra help in your teaching. There are online workshops, and classes that you can attend and improve further. Best teachers grab the opportunity to learn from their students.

When they witness your enthusiasm for learning, they will be more inclined to learn from you. In the end, your own success and professional growth will be translated into the success of your students. Therefore, immerse ourselves in what is new and current to better the lives and education of our students.

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