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The whole world is undergoing a metamorphosis. Naturally, work, the very meaning of the word itself, follows suit and finds a path of transformation.  In a few years’ time, traditional employees, who normally work inside the four walls of an office, will be working freelance, or perhaps out of work and seeking a new one.

Institute for the Future, a California-based think tank, paired up with the talent-management software company, Cornerstone on Demand, identified certain core skills and attitudes that tomorrow’s employees will require in order to prepare for the future generation work. Their studies say, “Brands aren’t for celebrities anymore.” According to them, the next generation ‘resume’ need not be fully in a piece of paper: a presence in the digital world, engagement inside and outside one’s industry, and a distinctive voice or perspective are all qualifications that one requires to jump from one job to another.

New generation jobs, which are nebulous in form, demand all sorts of flexibility for the employee. They prefer professionals who have exceptional skills like “thinking outside of the box,” “colouring outside the lines,” and “connecting the dots” in addition to the traditional essentials.

The future generation work expects from you an understanding of computing as an essential prerequisite. They don’t expect you to know the intricacies of computer science like how machine-learning algorithms work. An understanding of the general ideas regarding automation and artificial intelligence and the benefits that they bring in will help you to bag your dream job.

Personal networks cannot keep pace with the rapid changes that industries and institutions undergo but it is essential to have an awareness of your community and stay involved in what is going on around you. That awareness will help you in maintaining advantageous social connections or reaching out to new people, particularly if they are involved in businesses related to your area of work.

Researchers say, “The ‘safety net’ of employment may be ‘frayed,’ but that doesn’t mean it can’t be rebuilt. Leaving an outmoded role must not be thought as a loss, but as an immediate opportunity for another, newer role.”


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