Future Generation Skills II

We are on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution which is going to fundamentally change the way we live, work and communicate. It will open up boundless possibilities in the workplace and marketplace with the application of disruptive technology in fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, the mobile internet and 3-D printing. According to Nick van Dam, a great educational reformer and the founder of the e-Learning for Kids Foundation, this rapid advancement will lead to massive loss of jobs, as entire industries and companies and the workers they employ struggle to exist.

His researches point out that seven million jobs will disappear by the year 2020, with two million new positions created from the disruption. He cites examples of technologies such as driverless vehicles that seemed like science fiction once but are now present and poised to facelift the entire industry. “This is the best time for people who have the right skills and the right education because there are tremendous opportunities,” Van Dam says. “It’s also the worst time in history for people with ordinary skills and education.”

Digital competencies will be the foundation upon which the job skills of the future are based, and our technological know-how will not be enough to compete effectively. A variety of “human or soft skills,” will help us to accommodate the rapid onset of change, allowing to think creatively and collaboratively and more effectively. The tremendous speed, in which changes come in, means that lifelong learning will be a key ingredient to sustained career success. Organizations, in order to stay relevant, need to design each individual’s work in such a way that their employees learn something new every day by “turning the workplace into a learning place.” Studies show that people who are lifelong learners are more successful professionally and lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Please take a free assessment at www.reachingyourpotential.org. The assessment will measure your score on seven different mindsets of lifelong learners.

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