Alice has a strong command over the language. She has exceptional subject knowledge. She is ready and equipped to engage any student with any topic even on short notice. She is very particular on utilizing effectively every second of the scheduled time. She opens her classes like this, “In the last class, we talked about . ., Today, I’d like to move onto . . .” Without wasting a microsecond of the time, which the student has been paying for, she goes ahead with a nonstop lecture.

After two classes the parent called the Education Manager requesting for a tutor change!

What went wrong here? No doubt, the approach of the tutor. The student actually needed a tutor who is engaging in some small talk, who is caring, who is patient enough to clarify her queries, and who is making learning a new experience to her.

Some tutors are like Alice. They are very keen on fully utilizing the given time without slipping an inch away from the curriculum shared with them.

Begin with a question, anecdote, current event, or game and relate it to the content you are going to discuss.

Some other tutors open the class very effectively with an appropriate pep talk winning the student over to their side. They simply lecture until the end of the class and when the remaining time flickers in red on the whiteboard, say, “See you in the next class.”

Plan a rhythm for your class and manage time effectively to end with content at least two minutes early, so that the student can summarize, raise questions, preview the next topic, etc. to open productively in the next class.




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