Are High School Graduates College ready?

A Recent analysis in the Wall Street Journal and the discussions followed regarding the performance of candidates in the ACT and SAT are really good points for us to ponder on. ACT and the SAT are nationally administered, standardized paper-and-pencil tests that help colleges to assess whether the candidates are ready or competent enough to pursue college studies. Every year the number of students taking these tests is on a rise. Many students are taking both the tests.

In 2016, 34% of all students who took the ACT did not meet any college readiness benchmarks. Last year it was only 31%. 60% of Asian American graduates who took the ACT met at least three of the benchmarks, while 49% of the white graduates did and 11% of African American did. As more students take the ACT, a greater share is falling short of meeting college readiness benchmarks in English, reading, math and science, as outlined by the exam maker.

Percentage of high-school graduates who took the ACT and met college-readiness benchmark, by graduation year.

This year the high school seniors did the redesigned SAT for the first time. The scores from the new version of the standardized test have come out and they’re significantly higher than the previous years. It is too early now to go for an assessment of the revamped SAT and the performance of the candidates.

Considering the statistics available till 2015, SAT scores also dropped significantly for the class of college-bound seniors in 2015. All three sections saw declines. Overall, scores dropped two points on critical reading, two points on mathematics and three points on writing. The seven-point decline across all three sections compares to a one-point decline the prior year, and no change the year before that.

SAT average for last 5 years

SAT average for last 5 years

Other statistics show that between 2006 and 2015, every group except Asians has seen its totals go down.

Combined SAT Score, and Changes since 2006, by Race/Ethnicity

Combined SAT Score, and Changes since 2006, by Race/Ethnicity

If the High School graduates are not college ready, who is to be blamed? Why Asian American students display a better performance?

This is not the time to stare at the startling facts and figures. This is the time for you to prepare your child to get the test done successfully and in a competent way. Anyone can do the test with learning the concepts, tips, tricks, time management, etc. But, how it is done and the stages the candidate passes through during the preparation are very important. Only a customized one-on-one program will lead them to realize their strengths and weaknesses and focus on the areas that require more help. The experienced and the specialized tutors of Tutorwaves help them to know their level, have assessment tests, get feedback, take remedial measures, ace the SAT/ACT and reach their dream college.

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Source:Wall Street Journal and the official website of the College Board.


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