AIYOH……. Made it to OXFORD!!

Never can anyone give you that ‘what’ look when you scream ‘aiyoh’ if you jam your finger between a car door or say ‘aiyah’ when you see something ridiculous or exhilarating. Realize it soon that you are swearing or expressing dismay in English. Well! Oxford Dictionary has added the words ‘Aiyah’ and ‘Aiyoh’ along with other 1000 words which include ‘YOLO’ and ‘Merica’ to name a few.

Aiyah is an expression of derision or joy or victory depending on the context and credited to have its origins from Cantonese according to Oxford Dictionary. Even though origins are marked to Cantonese, it’s commonly used in South India and you don’t have to be aiyah if you are a South Indian.

‘Aiyoh’ meaning dismay, lamentation or pain originated from Mandarin even if popular among the Malayalees. Not anymore, are we using some colloquial term which is alien to others, with Oxford update that happens four times a year – March, June, September, December.

The update also features an ode to the children’s writer Roald Dahl. September 2016 marks his birth centenary and Dahlesque inventions like ‘Splendiferous’, ‘human bean’, ‘scrumdiddlyumptious’ and ‘Oompa Loompa’,  have been added.

Colloquialisms like ‘YOLO’, ‘merica’, ‘fuhgeddaboutit’ which were restricted to the usage by the urban young crowd has also made its way to the definitive record of the English Language. Another new inclusion to be noted is ‘gender fluid’ which is used to describe a person who does not subscribe to a single, fixed gender identity.

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